Effectiveness of Retinol

539fe42f3e51c_-_cos-01-woman-with-clear-skin-mscRetinol creams are by far the most effective anti-aging helpers. Retin-A or retin-AH and many others – is the name for the substance that converts to retinoic acid. With retinoic acid your body produces more collagen, grows cells better and is not prone to inflammation that much. The result – your skin gets glossier, younger and cleaner.

Retinol creams do work, which is why there are so many prescription drugs. If you want to get the best over the counter retinol cream too you can do it and there are some really robust solutions out there (e.g. http://imgur.com/a/gFjpq).

Make sure you shop around enough to find the best retinol cream out there and pay attention to shady offers on amazon or female beauty magazines.


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